Zen stones balance conceptS.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale is a recognized authority in the world of trusts.

Being involved in issues regarding asset protection and trust management, including asset investment and allocation among beneficiaries and negotiations concerning trustees and their management of the assets  on behalf of beneficiaries, S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale legally represents the settlor and the trustee in any issue arising or deriving from legal violations of trust obligations. 

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale also offers consulting services to settlors and trustees in relation to the arrangement procedures and the most advisable procedures to adopt in order to minimize the possible disputes with the beneficiaries of the trust. 

In addition, the law firm represents and advises the beneficiaries of assets and trusts as to the management by trustees, the removal of the settlor and trustee and, last but not least, the filing of lawsuits against settlors or trustees in case of any type of legal violation of trust obligations. 

Studio Legale Commerciale’s client portfolio includes a considerable number of companies, corporations, private entities, financial institutions, investment funds and asset management companies.   

Thanks to the excellent reputation developed over time and the excellent services provided, S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale has been repeatedly rated and selected as one of the best consulting partners and providers of legal advisory services by international financial institutions and commercial associations. 

One of the key strong points of  S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s professionals is the ability to understand clients and their interests, coordinating their skills and competencies with those of expert consultants operating worldwide in different frameworks.