Taxation Law & Capital Structuring

The increasing number of cross-border acquisitions, the considerable growth in stock purchase & sale and the growing complexity of commercial negotiations have become an undisputed fact in the global market.

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale provides its clients with the opportunity to rely on the most prominent experts in Italian and international taxation. The services offered by the professionals of the S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale range from assistance with tax return verifications to international tax planning and company taxation.

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale can meet any requirement  in the matter of taxation law and manage high-profile negotiations, including M&A, joint ventures, stock market and structured finance, transfer pricing and tax litigations.

Capital structuring is mainly focused on the definition and implementation of ad hoc strategies to protect the commercial interests of the clients. Also in this area,  S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale counsels and advises a wide range of clients ranging from individuals to groups who decide to invest in start-ups.

As to the private area, S.L.C. provides consulting services for successions, asset and wealth planning, representing continuously evolving issues that are becoming increasingly complex.

The protection of assets represents the core of S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s activity, in that the law firm supports and counsels its clients on the most suitable instruments for the transfer of assets and assets in custody, like trusts, companies and foundations.

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s priority is to optimize the tax processes associated with acquisition and restructuring, as well as those associated with income tax payable on structured financial products and related to international taxation law.