Mergers & Acquisitions

gears and headFrom its inception, S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale has provided excellent legal services associated with the most sophisticated negotiations like mergers and acquisitions. The law firm has had the opportunity to co-operate with the most prominent international companies, making distinctive contributions in top level expert panel teams while providing assistance to Italian clients engaged in transactions abroad or, vice-versa, foreign clients wishing to invest in Italy.  S.L.C. has also acted  directly in numerous multi-jurisdiction acquisitions involving entities from different countries.    

The law firm serves a wide range of clients, including large family businesses, multinationals and private funds. Specifically for the latter, the S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale law firm has provided extensive consulting and advice in both purchase and sale transactions. 

S.L.C. has accrued extensive experience in particularly complex transactions, where it combined its M&A competencies with the skills of its lawyers, specialized in consulting in mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions and divestments of stocks and companies, re-structuring and establishment of joint ventures as well as temporary grouping of companies (consortia).   

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s lawyers enjoy a long-established reputation for their professional skills, their ability to pinpoint client needs, their creativity in proposing innovative solutions and their ability in managing professional and personal relationships with all the parties involved.