The Law Firm

Relying on its solid expertise and excellent knowhow in commercial law, the law firm has developed specific competencies in trusts, successions, real estate, commercial transactions, mergers & acquisitions, commercial and company law, contracts and company consulting, to the benefit of its clients. 

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S.L.C.:An International Reality

S.L.C. is constantly engaged in complex, high-profile transactions  on behalf of companies all over the world.

Its unswerving commitment to providing  dynamic services specifically targeted to client needs has enabled S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale to become increasingly involved in the sector of asset management, corporate expansion, family assets, commercial negotiations and national and international arbitrations.  

One of Studio Legale Commerciale’s priorities is building a sound and long-term relationship with its clients. 

The firm’s lawyers are committed to prioritizing and focusing on each single case and maintaining an open and spontaneous dialogue with clients, which results in a thorough understanding of their legal needs, so as to develop valid, rapid and effective solutions. 

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale also relies on its proven expertise in the international field, guaranteeing its clients comprehensive and precise assistance in the most sophisticated international transactions.