International Contracts & Joint Ventures

content-lampInternationalization is an undisputed strategic requirement for all those entities that make the decision to react to the increasingly pressing globalization trend imposed by the current market. 

Strongly relying on its international vocation, S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale boasts consolidated expertise in contract negotiation and drafting dedicated to Italian entities that intend to expand abroad and, vice-versa, to foreign international entities that decide to invest in Italy. 

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s professionals provide consulting services and advice to clients from the very first steps of negotiation to the final drafting of the contract, going through the analysis of the benchmark market up to the analysis of the numerous legislative changes, thus providing clients with custom services targeted to meeting their different needs. 

Foreign markets provide a multitude of opportunities for growth and development and S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s professionals, while leveraging on their points of strength – precision and flexibility – assist their clients in the drafting of contracts for international purchase and sale transactions, bids, leases and sub-leases, business transfers and franchising. 

In particular, S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale offers custom services for the establishment of joint ventures between Italian and foreign partners.

S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale’s professionals provide targeted advisory services, including the identification of the best company structure to the management of relationships with local partners, the drafting of the entire obligatory legal documentation  (knowhow agreements, licenses, trademarks and patents, technical assistance, etc.) and the final drafting of the Joint Venture Agreement.

Thanks to the expertise of its collaborators located abroad, the S.L.C. Studio Legale Commerciale also provides consulting in the creation of very complex structures in the context of project financing, with the concrete possibility of issuing special stock categories or hybrid financial instruments for the establishment of trusts.